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Reproduced with kind permission of the publisher.

Welcome to the Fiction with a twist blog for enthusiastic readers and writers in Stage 3 and 4. Famous Australian author Deb Abela will be reading and responding to your writing. The only compulsory weekly task is the paragraph writing task – everything else is optional! Scroll down to find out about the story you will submit. You can submit a story on a topic of YOUR OWN CHOICE – you do not have to use the suggested topics.

How to post your writing
Use the menu tabs across the top of this blog to post your writing each week. For example, click on 1:Voice.

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The blog has been “started” with sample comments from Neila, Matthew, Andrea, Vanessa and Eesha who wrote for the original Fiction with a twist pilot.
Notice that the paragraph that you write each week can be about a new character and scenario each time.
Lizzie Chase
Rap Coordinator

STORIES – Due in the last week of the rap.
Ideas from Deb Abela and James Roy – Use your OWN story ideas too, if you wish.

The main aim of these first sentences we are giving you is to help create the beginnings of a story in your head. Before you start to write, think about who the characters might be, where they come from, what kind of person they are, even what they may be wearing. Think about why they are doing what they’re doing, what they are thinking and always with stories, what is about to happen next. Sometimes it’s more interesting not to go with the first idea that you get so keep thinking about what you can write that will be unique and original in either content or style. Stories, quite simply, are about creating trouble. Your job as a writer is to think about what kind of trouble could happen next that will create drama and conflict and keep your reader intrigued. Happy writing!

Story 1
‘So you decided to come.’ His hands were withered and his voice strangled and wheezed as if he was being choked. ‘We are going to have such fun.’

Story 2
Principal Kromp wasn’t known for her caring nature and it didn’t look like she was about to introduce it anytime soon.

Story 3
It was properly on fire now. Orange and yellow tongues of flame licked at the sides and around the edges. Thick smoke billowed up, all black and grey, and from the centre of the fire came pops and spits, and that horrible, hissing roar.

Deb and James

PS If you continue one of these stories we have started, put “Story 1 [continued]“, “Story 2 [continued]” or “Story 3 [continued]” at the top as your title!